URGENT! Varda capsule reentry from space to Earth – what happened to space mining?

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Check our new space documentary about bright side space and explore the vast expanse of space mining with us as we delve into the innovative Varda capsule reentry, a pioneering venture by Varda Space Industries aimed at revolutionizing space manufacturing. Witness the space capsule reentry from deep space, a milestone that paves the way for future space factories and mining, with insights from space industry giants like Brian Cox and Neil deGrasse Tyson. Join us on this universe documentary with space news and science news about how the universe works: from the international space station (ISS) to the anticipated Artemis 1 Orion landing, and discover how projects like the James Webb Space Telescope, Space Forge and TransAstra from NASA are shaping the future of outer space exploration.

Credit BRIGHT SIDE Universe

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