Denzel Washington LOSES IT On Hollywood Taking Down Sound Of Freedom

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Hold on tight because this is the hottest Hollywood gossip you won’t want to miss! Two blockbuster movies, “Barbie” and “Oppenheimer,” have been causing a frenzy with their record-breaking opening numbers. But guess what? There’s a sleeper hit that’s silently stealing the spotlight at the box office!
It’s none other than “Sound of Freedom,” the chilling tale of a former Homeland Security agent fighting against illicit human trade. Since its release on July 4, it’s been making waves, grossing a jaw-dropping $124 million! That’s not all – during the weekend of July 21st to 23rd, it even outshined the highly-anticipated “Mission: Impossible — Dead Reckoning Part One,” snatching the third spot in earnings, right behind the box office giant combo, “Barbenheimer.”
But wait, here’s where the drama kicks in! As “Sound of Freedom” continues its unstoppable rise, it’s attracting controversy that’s got Hollywood in a frenzy. Hollywood is trying to ban this show, but hold your breath because none other than Denzel Washington is raging against the storm!
Yes, you heard it right! Denzel Washington is raging at Hollywood for trying to silence “Sound of Freedom.” And he’s not holding back on why he believes Hollywood awards shows are tanking – all thanks to their obsession with pushing identity politics onto the audience. Denzel isn’t mincing his words, calling out the “woke Hollywood Elites” who think they’re above everyone else, while they live lavishly in their million-dollar mansions.
Directed by Alejandro Gómez Monteverde and written by Rob Barr, “Sound of Freedom” has captured both the hearts of audiences and the attention of critics. With a rare A+ CinemaScore and a remarkable 100% audience approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes, it’s clear that this movie is striking a chord with viewers.
Despite its success, “Sound of Freedom” hasn’t been without some minor bumps. There have been reports of delays and controversies, which have been a topic of discussion among fans and critics alike.
This movie was actually done a few years ago for 20th Century Studios, but when Disney took over, they just tossed it aside like it was nothing. And get this, Disney then spent almost $300 million on Indiana Jones, a project that might not even make them money. Talk about ironic!
You know how Hollywood always measures a movie’s success by its box office earnings? It’s like saying Beyoncé is better than Beethoven just because she sells more albums. Crazy, right?
Adding fuel to the fire, right-wing pundit Ben Shapiro hosted Ballard and Caviezel on his YouTube channel to promote the film. Even former President Donald Trump, who appointed Ballard to a State Department advisory council in 2019, shared a link to the movie trailer on his new social media platform, Truth Social.
Indeed, they’re considering banning this movie, but Denzel Washington is not taking it lightly. In a recent interview, he passionately criticized Hollywood, calling them out for their arrogance and disconnection from everyday people.
However, amidst this disconnect with reality among some celebrities, Denzel Washington stands out as a grounded individual. He clearly retains his perspective and voices his disdain for such behavior within the entertainment industry. He’s not afraid to speak up and challenge the status quo, making him a refreshing presence in the midst of it all.
In a revealing interview that sent shockwaves through the movie industry, Denzel Washington shed light on the dark and unsettling side of Hollywood. He exposed how powerful elites in the industry sometimes try to manipulate actors into taking on roles that go against their values.
The plot involved multiple attempts to electrocute and hang his character, all while trying to portray him as some sort of twisted hero. What shocked him even more was the nonchalant attitude displayed by the Hollywood insiders during the audition process.
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