15 Celebrity Names You Have Been Saying Wrong This Whole Time

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Names are a tricky one, because you always want to make sure you’re putting respect on people’s names. But, we can’t deny, sometimes the pronunciation of some names can just trip you up. As long as you’re trying to learn how to say it the right way, that’s ok. For these celebs, they’re kind of used to people mispronouncing their names, in fact for some of them it’s become a joke. Despite the confusions, they are always ready to set the record straight. If you’ve struggled with Saoirse Ronan, or Timothée Chalamet or Emily Ratajkowski, you’re not alone. However, there are some names even the celebs don’t correctly say themselves. Like Charlize Theron or Chrissy Teigen, who still seems undecided on how she wants her name pronounced.

Credit TheThings Celebrity

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